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Premium Cofee

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welcome to Caffe Italia

Best Italian Caffe With 25 Years Experienced Barrista

The Caffe Italia was started in the Summer of 2014 by HAN with friends. HAN 25 Yrs Experienced Barista form Milan , Italy.

In the few months Caffe Italia was a success from the off and it soon became a big part of the Italian community in White Chapel, East London.

The menus of Caffe Italia are inspired by favourite dishes from Milan and alongside other Italian classics and new dishes. The knowledgeable Italian staff are is on hand to recommend great Italian dishes.

Caffe Italia has the look of a classic Italian caffe and it always will continue to do so.

special menu

  • Caffe
    £ 2.00
  • Croissant
    £ 1.90
  • Panino
    £ 3.50
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174 Cannon Street

E1 2LH London

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday
10.00 AM - 09.00 PM

Saturday - Sunday
10.00 AM - 08.00 PM

Phone and fax

Phone: + 44 07455 337566

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